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If creditors are harassing you to pay debts you can’t afford to pay any more, an Individual Voluntary Arrangement or IVA could help remove the stress and burden and help you become debt-free.

An IVA is a government-backed debt solution to help people just like you tackle unmanageable debt. It restructures your debts with creditors so you just have to make one affordable monthly payment for 60 months…and any debt left at the end of this is written off. You can keep your home and continue to live in it. You can enjoy a good standard of living.. And best of all no creditors will call you again and you will be debt-free.

How Do I Qualify For An IVA?

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Write Off Unaffordable Debts

In most circumstances an IVA will allow you to write off most of what you cannot afford to repay, i.e. such as unsecured loans and credit card debts will be gone for good once you have received your discharge notice. Note: There are some debts that cannot be written off. Click here* for more information on the limitations.

Free From Debt Pressures

Unlike a Trust Deed Scotland, an IVA can make you totally free from provable debts within 60 months, although you will have to make a contribution from your income for up to 3 years if you can afford to. Once you have received your discharge then you are totally debt free subject to some limitations depending on your circumstances.

Government Solution

An IVA is under the control of the Government and is intended to help people who are struggling wither finances. An IVA is a formal, legislated debt solution and a legally binding agreement with your creditors meaning you can take piece of mind that every aspect of your agreement is covered contractually and legally.